Autodata API Developer Blog

API Release Notes - January 11th 2016

This release contained the following new API and enhancements:

  • Enhancement to Repair Times API
  • Component Location API (Alpha)
  • Images API (Alpha)


Enhancement to Repair Times API

We have enhanced the repair time response by adding the method to retrieve the repair time for a specific operation.

This method requires a MID, Repair Times ID and a Repair ID.

Component Location API (Alpha)

This API provides access to the locations of the components and modules in a vehicle with graphical images to help with where the components are situated. There are two methods of call for this API.

The first method returns a collection of component location IDs for a particular MID . The second method requires a MID and a component location ID, to return the System Layout and General Component descriptions along with URLs to the graphics.


Images API (Alpha)

This API provides direct access to an image that is linked to a MID. There is one method of call for this API which returns the image for a particular MID and image ID.