Autodata API Developer Blog

API Release Notes - July 6th 2017

This release contains the following new API and enhancements:

  • Pin Data API (alpha)
  • Enhancement to Component Locations API (alpha)

Pin Data API (alpha)

 This API provides information to support the testing of the control module pins on the terminal for a vehicle, such as images of terminals, component and circuit description, the ECM pin number, signal description and more.

This API has two call methods. The first call provides you with a list of variants for a given MID. The second call then provides you with the pin data for that given MID and variant, containing the Image of the control module and information on the components that the pins represent, as well as the expected electrical value.

Enhancement of Component Locations API (alpha)

 In addition to the recent enhancement to the Component Locations API regarding images, the API now also includes Fuse box / Relay Plate content, using the images API to support the callout lists that helps to identify the fuses present in the fuse box image.

The response will include hotspot coordinates for the fuses highlighted in the callout list and their related translated textual description for the fuses in the same way as it does for the other subjects (Engine Management, ABS, and AC) in the Components Location API, allowing for the hover over feature.