Autodata API Developer Blog

API Release Notes - May 26th 2017

This release contains the following new API and enhancements:

  • Enhancement to Images API (alpha) via Component Locations API (alpha)
  • Enhancement to Repair Times by Genartnr API

Enhancement to Images API (alpha) via Component Locations API (alpha)

The Image API when accessed through the Component Locations (Alpha) API has been enhanced to support the callout lists that helps to identify the critical components present in the System Layout Illustrations for Engine Management, Air Conditioning, Electronic Component Location and Anti-lock braking System.

The Image API response will now include hotspot coordinates for the components highlighted in the callout list and their related translated textual description for the components in the same way as it does for wiring diagrams in the Wiring Diagram API

In addition to this, it will also contain the component images associated to the numbered callouts allowing for hover over hits to be displayed

For Engine management System Layout Illustrations you will also see a non-hotspot section in the API response that lists the component id and related translated component descriptions for the components mentioned in relation to the illustration but not indicated as callouts.

If you wish to suppress the occurrence of these additional image URL in the response a hide parameter can be past in the URL to remove them and reduce the size of the response received.

Enhancement to Repair Times by Genartnr API

We have enhanced the response to indicate whether a part is a primary or secondary part for a particular repair time.

This API still has two call methods.The first call provides the available variants for a given MID and Genartnr. The second call then displays the different operation repair times that include the part linked to the Genartnr  for the given MID and Variant ID.