Autodata API Developer Blog

API Release Notes - November 28th 2016

This release contained the following new API and enhancements:

  • Enhancement to Wiring Diagram API
  • Enhancement to Quick View Brakes API
  • Enhancement to Repair Times by Genartnr API

Enhancement to Wiring Diagram API

We have made a number of changes to our Wiring Diagrams API. Although it is still in an ALPHA stage, we will only add or make small modifications to this API. We have no intention of altering its basic structure any further.

This API requires two main calls to be made to display a wiring diagram. The first call returns a list of wiring diagrams that relate to a particular vehicle grouped by system e.g. Engine Management, Air Conditioning Systems. Each wiring diagram listed has a URI associated with it allowing the second call to be easily coded for.

The second call has a link to the wiring diagram illustration, and all the necessary content to provide hover over UI support to highlight important components, fuse locations and wire colours. From experience we know that this information is of vital importance for technicians allowing them to clearly and easily follow the wiring diagram and enable to fix the issue they are addressing quickly.

Enhancement to Quick View Brakes API

Our Quick View Brakes API is no longer a BETA API. With this release we have added in the remaining content to support bleeding procedures required for Anti-lock braking systems. This includes preparatory conditions to support older vehicles. Which means we now have pulled all the content needed to work on a vehicle's brakes into one useful API response.

Please take a look at this API method in the interactive documentation. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Enhancement to Repair Times by Genartnr API

Additional description field has been added to the response to display additional information, such as location (E.g. Front/Rear suspension).