Autodata API Developer Blog

API Release Notes - October 25th 2016

This release contained the following new API and enhancements:

  • UK VRM Lookup API
  • APIs Coming Soon!


This API provides vehicle information for UK registered cars. Similar to the “Search by ID” API method under Vehicle Information Lookup. There is one method of call for this API for a given UK  VRM, returning the vehicle information for the associated number plate.

Coming Soon!

  • Lifetime Service Summary API
  • Key Operations Lifetime Service Summary API
  • Operation  Lifetime Service Summary API

We will be releasing three new API methods shortly, these will help summarise the Service Schedules, Intervals and Operations information. These are an evolution of the Common Service Operations API method which we released as a ALPHA API some time ago.  We will therefore not be promoting the common service API to a Beta API, but  will instead be deprecating it.