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API Release Notes - September 5th 2016

The Motorcycle API is here!

Due to high demand and the success of the Vehicles API, we’ve now created an API for Motorcycles Information.

This release contained the following new API:

  • Motorcycle Selection API

  • Motorcycle Lookup API

  • Motorcycle DTC API

  • Motorcycle Repair Times API

  • Motorcycle Technical Data API

Motorcycle Selection API

This API provides access to retrieve a list of Motorcycle Models and their corresponding Model IDs for a given Manufacturer. There are two call methods associated with this API. The first method retrieves a list of the manufacturer IDs.

The second method retrieves all the models and their respective Model IDs for the chosen manufacturer.

Motorcycle Information look up API

This API provides access to retrieve MIDs (Motorcycle Identifier) and motorcycle information. There are two call methods associated with this API. The first method retrieves the MIDs for a given model using the Manufacturer ID (Manufacturer lookup) and Model ID (Search Model using Manufacturer ID) as the search parameters.

The second method provides motorcycle information, as well as the associated links (href) to other categories for the specific MID (e.g. Technical data, DTC, etc.). The hrefs are displayed if the ‘Links’ parameter is set to “Yes” allowing access to all the subsequent API calls required to access the data available for the particular Motorcyle MID. By default the ‘Links’ parameter is set to “No” to shorten the response.

Motorcycle Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) API

This API allows you to request information for DTC codes for a given MID. The response includes how to access the DTC port, the DTC code description, Fault Location and Probable cause(s), as well as the reset procedure.  There are two methods associated with this API. The first returns the DTC information ID for the MID.

The second call then retrieves the directions for accessing the DTC port, general information and reset procedures for the particular MID and DTC information ID.

Repair Times Motorcycle API

This is an API for returning all the repair times for a particular MID and Repair id. The aim of this API is to present our repair time information in a different way, allowing the repair time for a specific repair to a particular Motorcycle to be easily obtained. There are two methods associated with this API. The first method returns the variant repair times IDs for a MID.

The second call retrieves the repair groups, their components,  and repair times for a given MID and Repair Time ID.

This API does not currently link to parts information.

Motorcycle Technical Data API

This API provides access to the technical data for a given motorcycle (e.g. Spark Plugs, Battery and charging, Lubricants and capacity). There is one method of call for this API, retrieving the information for all the Group Keys for a MID. If the Group Key is known, a filter parameter is available to only return the information for the specific Group Key.