Vehicle Identifiers (v1)




Autodata’s vehicle identifiers are designed to link you to the vehicle model information and Autodata’s vehicle identifier, which is referred to as a MID (Model Identifier).​

The MID is required as one of the key links to Autodata’s technical content and will be required in every request made to the chosen endpoint.​

In addition to a MID, an Autodata vehicle will also include the following data:

  • Manufacturer ID​
  • Model ID​
  • Additional model description (sub body, extra info)​
  • Engine (engine code, tuning, RPM, litres)​​
  • Fuel
  • Power (kW, DIN horsepower)​​
  • Production year (start year)​​
  • Vehicle type

Autodata support the following vehicle identifier methods:​

Vehicle VRM Search

  • Retrieve vehicle by UK VRM​
  • Retrieve vehicle by French VRM​
  • Retrieve vehicle by French VIN​
  • Retrieve vehicle by Finnish VRM​​​
  • Retrieve vehicle by Irish VRM​
  • Retrieve vehicle by Swedish VRM​​
  • Retrieve vehicle by Dutch VRM​
  • Retrieve vehicle by German KBA

Vehicle Third-Party Identifier Search​

  • Retrieve MID by K-Type ID​
  • Retrieve K-Type ID’s by MID

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